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  • 27April

    Masjid Operation Update

    Assalam o Alaikum, We are happy to announce that we are opening the door for the masjid Insha Allah from tomorrow. The masjid will remain open for daily prayers including Jumma as per the guidelines provided by the CDC and Washington State. The following are a few guidelines that we ask our community to follow if they plan to come to pray at the mosque. A mask or face cover is required to cover your mouth and nose while entering the mosque, and we request you to carry it along throughout your time at the mosque. Please remember to bring your own face covering (mask, bandana, etc.). None can enter the masjid without it under the current Phase 2 reopening requirement given by Washington State: "All employees, members, and visitors in attendance shall wear face coverings before, during, and after the service (whether indoor or outdoor)." Based on the maximum gathering guidelines we can only have 42 brothers upstairs and only 7 sisters downstairs. Please note that once the limits are reached, the masjid will be locked and no more people will be allowed to enter. Only the main entrance to the mosque will be open, so all the brothers and sisters are required to enter the mosque from that door. Once inside, you are required to follow the social distancing protocols and maintain at least six feet distance at all times. Monitor your health daily, and if you have the symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) please stay home and try to pray at home. If you have a family member with the signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and pray at home as well. At the entrance, we have placed disinfectant sprays that everyone is required to use when entering. We encourage you to prepare your wudu at home and come to the mosque, but if you are required to use the wudu area at the mosque please follow the guidelines and only 2 people can be present there at once. The masjid access code is 23949. Please use your judgment and discretion when sharing the code with others. Insha Allah, we will pray Jumma prayer tomorrow at 1:00 PM. There is plastic sheeting on the floor of the main hall that is disinfected after every prayer. We have marked places with white duct tape so that we can keep a distance of 6 feet while praying. You can also bring your own prayer mat/rug. We are in this together and we need your help to follow the proper guidelines so that we can be allowed to pray regularly. Please comply with the guidelines and cooperate with the Imam and the brothers and sisters who are trying to. JazakAllahu Khairan,