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  • 27April

    Quran Classes

    With exceptionally dedicated and energetic volunteering teachers, our Sunday class is here to provide your children, both girls and boys, with deep and broad knowledge about Islam and the Quran. With high patience and unwavering attention, these amazing volunteers will try their best to make your children able to memorize the verses in our holy book of Quran and to learn more about Islam. Kids normally start with short verses (Surah) from Juz 30. Then, they will move up to longer verses in both Juz 30 and 29. The number of kids attending our class keeps growing and we are always looking for new volunteers, both female and male, especially to teach older girls and boys and those who are supposed to move up to longer verses. We will keep you, the parents, updated with your kids’ development in the form of oral and/or written reports. Our medium of instruction is English so that we can serve all kids from our diverse community. We also expect that parents can drop and pick up their children on time so that our class can start and end on time as well. We also urge parents to stay for a while or to arrive earlier to check the development of their children from time to time. There is a signup sheet put inside the basement for dropping in your children and for picking them up after class is finished. We expect each parent to do this every week. Please fill in the following form so that we can update you about your kids’ development, and contact you in case of emergency: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wnSxx-dEoRm99IGMDBk66pYQ52gq70yAZh7A7S6xTnY/edit We need to remind you again that our class at the moment is free of charge and all the teachers work voluntarily. Nonetheless, we kindly accept donations on a regular basis in the form of cash for the continuation of our class. Please contact Sr. Najnin for this. Time : Every Sunday 10.30 AM until around 12.00 PM (If there are holidays, there will be a notification via emails and/or texts to parents) Place : Multifunction Room in the basement of Pullman Islamic Center Activities : 1. Basics of Arabic letters 2. Al Quran memorization (mainly Juz 30 & 29 but not limited to these Ajza) 3. Islamic studies (basic tenets, history, Serah, etc.)