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Pullman Islamic Assoication (PIA) Board of Trustees (BOT) - Muslim Community Association of Pullman (MCAP) and Muslim Students’s Association (MSA) Meeting 18th May 2017 Meeting started at 8:30.

Members attended for the meeting: Brs. Riajul Islam, Abdelgader, Maaz, Moin, Daniyal, Adnan, Mehmoud, Faraj and Adel.

Br. Riazul Islam framed the following agenda for ‘Ramadan Month’ discussion. Initially, Bro. Riazul Islam briefed on the purpose of the meeting with all PIA members and highlighted on the following agenda items.

Agenda 1: Moon sighting

After thorough discussion on moon sighting to begin and end the blessed month of Ramadan, all members agreed to follow Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to to begin and end the blessed month of Ramadan. A moon sighting committee was formed comprising Brs. Imam Raed, Abdelgader, Daniyal and Mehamoud for witness. They planned to see the moon sighting on Friday 26th May after Maghrib prayer. A decision will be taken before Isha prayer on that day after sighting the moon. If the moon is not visible, the committee will go with regional sighting through viable organization (ChicagoHilal.org) in consideration with calculations. According to PIA constitution “The operation and activities of the Association shall be guided by the Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH), Ijm)a (consensus) and Qiyas (analogical reasoning). In case of any questions of interpretation or disputes, the Islamic Society of North America (in particular the Fiqh committee) will be responsible for making a hid decision according to the traditions of Sunni Islam”. A message regarding moon sighting will be conveyed to community members in advance.

Agenda 2: Salat-Al-Taraweeh

Br. Daniyal Asif agreed to offer salat-al-taraweeh prayer during the month of Ramadan. Imam Raed and interested community members will give a short talk for few minutes at that time.

Agenda 3: Iftar dinner

A sign-up sheet for Ramadan Iftar/dinner has been placed inside Masjid. All community members are encouraged to sign-up in advance and announcement will be made in this regard.

All members agreed to invite non-Muslim friends and neighbors as well for dinner. The hosting members has to prepare food to serve 60-80 people including brothers and sisters. A Ramadan Iftar Open-House event for Palouse Muslim and interfaith community will be held on 10th June (Saturday) at Pullman Islamic Center. The MCAP, MSA and MWAP will be organizing this event with the support BOT. An invitations and flyer will be prepared and announcement will be made shortly.

All members agreed to form committees for clean-up and maintenance for Ramadan month. The MWAP sisters will assign few sisters for cleaning utensils after Iftar dinner. The MCAP, MWAP and MSA members will oversee and assign few brothers and sisters for maintenance of Masjid especially to control kids during Iftar and prayer times.

Agenda 4: Salatul-Eid (Eid-ul-fitr) and Eid party

After discussion all members agreed to pray Salat-ul-Eid prayer this year in soccer field or Pullman parks to have one Jamat. The Eid breakfast will be served after prayer. A final decision will be made after consulting community members.

A potluck Eid party hosted by Palouse Muslim community will be held on July 1st Saturday. A decision will be made shortly in this regard.

A regional Eid party will be held on July 8th Saturday in Seatlle. The sign-up sheet will be placed for community who may be interested to attend. The event details will be forwarded to community shortly.


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